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"I absolutely believe, that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities."
-- Bob Nardelli, CEO Home Depot

Recent Clients & Testimonials

Here's what they say ...

From the minute I read Heather’s description of herself I knew she was the coach for me – she had a credible business background and yet she also demonstrated some brave personal decisions in her life and I liked the combination. My husband, Simon, was one of the British victims to die in the World Trade Centre on 11th September 2001 and since his death I have been on a very fast spiritual journey to understand what had happened to me, why it had happened to me and how I can absorb my experience into my life and move it forward. I had a high level job in the Media industry in London and yet I had had this enormous tragedy in my life that changed the way I viewed things.

I needed someone who would be able to keep pace with my questions, challenge my views but also maintain a realistic framework so that I can create a business that will turn my experience into a powerful way forward for my life – Heather has been that person. She has helped me learn more about myself and my journey and she has worked with me on my brand, my style, my values and my service – elevencoaching will be more empowering and provide exceptional support to others because of her work with me – thank you for ever.
- Elizabeth Turner, England

Heather, it's been a wonderful journey working with you! As a coach, you have been insightful, intuitive, and encouraging. You have helped me take my effectiveness at work and my personal satisfaction, both at work and at home, to a higher level. I understand what I need to do to continue my journey and I feel well-equipped with a plan to continue onward and upward. Thank you for providing ideas that are practical, effective and within my power to implement. You've made a real difference in my life!!
- Sharon E. Senna, USA

Thank you SO MUCH for the immense help you've been to me over the past two months. Any skepticism I had about the value of coaching is buried and gone. I've learned more and gotten more out of my time with you than I ever imagined possible.
- Steve Hoffman, USA

Heather is coach in every sense of the word. A great listener, an excellent enthuser, and an awesome all-around caring individual committed to helping me achieve my dreams!
- Andrew Mugford, Canada

I can’t thank you enough for your coaching!  You have provided me with the clarity, direction and guidance I really needed as I start my business.  Your unique style of blending great business coaching with life coaching has been helpful as I get my business off the ground and create the life I want.
- Shevach Pepper, Israel

Heather is gifted in so many ways, intellectually, spiritually and practically.  She has an uncanny ability to interconnect these aspects of life to uncover boundless possibilities for growth, change and betterment. Heather has an intuitive and intellectual sense for uniquely helping me move towards a life of boundless possibilities, opportunities, rewards and fulfillment. I am grateful and privileged to be able to work with a coach who demonstrates such genuine dedication, enthusiasm and caring.
- Mala Raman, The Netherlands

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